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11/08/14 03:37 PM #86    


Linda Sue Fox (Stevens)

Peggy, Barbara and reunion committee,

You all did an outstanding job.  It was the best planned reunion.  I enjoyed seeing friends I have lost touch with over the years.  Our PJ party with the Hefner group was a plus.  (Thanks Torchy).  We are all bunnies. I miss you all and hope to see you all again soon.  Penny, give dates and I will be in Florida.   


Linda Fox Stevens



11/08/14 04:16 PM #87    

Susan Solomon (Lipson)

Hi, Classmates,

Is it possible to identify the people in the photos?  Although many of you look just the same, there are still quite a few people whose names elude me.  Please help your visually-impaired friend.  For example, who's standing next to Ruth Bergrin?  I don't recognize her.  Sorry to be such a bother.

You all look like you were having the time of your lives.

Thanks to all the photographers!

Suzi Solomon Lipson

11/09/14 02:39 PM #88    


Marsha Hershman

Who knows how to tag the photos?  We need to help out Suzi and others who weren't there.

11/09/14 05:10 PM #89    

Peggy Sue Payner (Smith)

This is in response to so many (including myself) who would like to put names to each picture but I too do not know how to do this and I think I know most of the names.  There is no way to write it in the photos.  But I will keep trying to figure this out.  Torchy (my husband) who did the interviewing is out of town but when he gets back he is going to figure out a way to put the interviews on the website and then some names will be clarified because the first question he asked each person interviewed was their name!  Of course he could not interview everyone but he made an effort to get as many in as he could in one night.  Hope you eventually enjoy those.  Any others who have photos to share please do so on the website.  thanks,  peg

11/09/14 10:06 PM #90    

Janet Held

Sandy, the pictures are wonderful - thank you so much for taking and posting them!  I just took pictures of them to send to some of our 'mates who never got onto our website - they will be much appreciated, I know!

Hugs, Jan

01/14/15 09:25 PM #91    

Peggy Sue Payner (Smith)

Hello classmates,  through Facebook I have been informed that there will be a Cleveland Hts High reunion for the Classes of 1964 & 1965 which are being planned in Florida & California.  The Florida event is planned for Sunday March 15 - at least this is what I hear so far.  There will be more news coming in about a week.  Penny Sugar and Maxine Milner are planning the event in Florida which I think is to be in West Palm but I really do not know the details.  If you post on Facebook you may already know about this.  If anyone else knows any more about this please comment HERE or on Facebook or add more info so that  others from our class and the other classes can decide if they want to attend.  Those organizing this event are trying to get a count so let Penny know if you are interested.  I will try to keep you informed by end of next week (save the date if there is a chance you want to attend.)  Hope I will be able to attend so that I can see you all again!


01/16/15 02:50 PM #92    

David A Sharpe

Hi Peggy who is involved in the California reunion-- any details on that  one??

01/16/15 03:57 PM #93    

Steven Goldman

i would e very interested in attending and/or helping to organize any reunion events that are held in So. Calif.

01/16/15 05:10 PM #94    

Martin Simon

See you in Florida Peggy Sue!

01/18/15 02:04 AM #95    

Shari Balcher (Weiss)

re: California reunion

I was hoping to head up a California reunion centering around my home in Marin County and/or the Napa wine country [which is close by me]. I've talked with Barb Chesney and Marcia Mandel AND we were thinking of Summer 2016.

02/08/15 06:15 AM #96    


Torchy Smith

As of now I am UPLOADING the videos from the 50th Reunion. They will be listed on your profile if you were one of those who volunteered to be shown with your comments. This will take some time so check back to your page. Some of you have that were taped ( no real tape anymore) have still not registered to this site.  So you are out of luck.  For those of you who know how to use YOU TUBE you can view them all there. Just do a search for HEIGHTS HIGH CLASS OF 65.  Then scroll for your name shown or see the icon pic from both nights. 

02/08/15 11:23 AM #97    

Sheila Anton (Bloomfield)

Wishing Tracy Wunderlich Sheets a fabulous birthday, ohps!! a day late. Happy Birthday Feb 7th!! 

03/09/15 08:37 PM #98    


Stephanie L (Penny) Sugar

IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!Last call for Florida Reunion on March 15, 2 parts to the event, at 1pm at Sundy House ( google it) is a brunch please make sure I know if you are coming as we need specific numbers for reservation ( Paula Stevens, Joel Schakne, Marty Simon, and Alex Katz make up your minds please!!!) at 5 pm in Boca at the Embassy Suites off Glades Rd Maxine Milner Krugman will be hosting a party in her suite,with snacks and wine and beer...from 2-4 you can stroll in downtown Delray or go to the beach or sit and talk. Questions? call me at 561.699.9611 or email at Must know if you planto do the scrumtious brunch ( and bring cash btw)


Penny Sugar

03/10/15 12:17 PM #99    

Janet Held

So wish I could be in Florida - esp. now - but 'Spring' is trying to come here in a few drops of rain and snow mixture - dontcha just miss the joys of Cleve. weatherwierd seasons????

SEND PICTURES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!crying

03/10/15 04:48 PM #100    


Lauren Elterman (Briggs)

Hi Penny,

I'm sure you don't remember me...... This is Lauren Elterman Briggs... You and I graduated together and last saw each other last at a Florida reunion many years ago held in Ft. Lauderdale.  At that time I lived in Coral Springs..... and have  been residing in Palm Beach Gardens since 1987.

Unfortunately I'm unable to attend this upcoming reunion... much to my disaappointment.  If I'm correct, this Sunday's event is the only other Florida get-together since the one in Ft. Lauderdale.  I'll be visiting my children/ grandchildren in Tampa this weekend.and have had these plans for a long time.  When I saw the date of this reunion I couldn't believe that it just had to be  the same weekend!!

In any event.... thanks so much for including me on your list of invitees.  Please keep me posted on any other future Florida reunions.  I'd so look forward to seeing some of the faces I used to know....  I wasn't able to attend the 50-year reunion in Cleveland but so enjoyed seeing some of the photos that have been posted.

Have a wonderful time Sunday....  It sounds like it'll be an incredibly fun and pleasantly nostalgic day....  From the description of what's planned, how could it not be?  Hopefully there'll be some post-event pics on your site to peruse ....  I'll definitely look for those....

Much appreciation again Penny.....  and lots of warm hugs to everyone...




03/11/15 09:18 AM #101    

Ellen Markovitz (Alonzo)

I'm so sorry that I can't attend the Florida reunion.  I was looking forward to seeing everyone, but I had some minor surgery last week, but unfortunately, I'm not up to "meeting & greeting".  Please give my best regards to those attending and let everyone know I've enjoyed viewing the pictures from the 50th immensely.  Hopefully, we can get together in the future.  Thanks again for including me in the invitation.

Ellen Markovitz Alonzo

03/11/15 05:14 PM #102    


Stephanie L (Penny) Sugar

Yes Ladies I do remember you both! And both of you have gotten better with age btw. I do not know how many are attending on Sunday but hope we get at least a few of our class members! Sorry you won't be there but will try to post pics. All the best with your plans.


07/25/15 11:39 AM #103    

Gary Victor Javitch

Happy Birthday Reuben.  You looked terrific at the reunion..


07/25/15 11:39 AM #104    

Gary Victor Javitch

Happy Birthday Reuben.  You looked terrific at the reunion..


09/16/15 10:04 PM #105    

Renee Sorkin (Freiser)

sorry, I didn't know about the Florida reunion. I definitely would have come. Who lives in south Fla? I'm in north Broward .

03/18/16 11:14 AM #106    

Louise I Kraus (Aswell)

The 70th Bday Party is already down on my calendar. Even if it's only 1/10 as good as the 50th Reuion, it's gonna be AMAZING!!


03/19/16 11:38 AM #107    

Donna Klein (Penner)

Can't think of a better way to celebrate my birthday then with my classmates and good friends!!


01/22/18 12:21 AM #108    

Barry Bloomfield


this is a class picture from kindergarten at Millikan.

I can only identify myself, last on right back row, and Jay Doris last right front tow.

if anyone can help that would be great!

Barry Bloomfield 






01/22/18 09:26 AM #109    

Barry Bloomfield

ohps!! The kindergarten was TAYLOR school not Millikan.

09/02/18 02:47 PM #110    

Janet Held

Marilyn Shankman Faur passed away - in August - it was ent to all of us .. so, whoever sent it, could you please list it in the memory section?


 Jan Held

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